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As a Black woman, travel is a transformative radical act of joy and the best way for one to grow into their fullest self. I have grown exponentially through travel and I want to aid other women in their transformative journeys. 

I streamline the retreat planning process for BIPOC women & femme-identifying persons who want to save time and energy while increasing their profits.

Hey y’all, I’m Amara

I’m an ex-pat who has been living in Aruba since February 2022. I decided to come to Aruba on a whim (I’ll tell you the full story if you ask) and it’s the best risk I have taken to date! I have totally fallen in love with Aruba. Where I am today is, I’ve invested in traveling and it has transformed my life in all the best ways.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is feeling the fear and doing it anyways. 

Why I do what I do!

Ask my momma, I love planning a trip! I have a sense of pure happiness when I bring someone’s vision to life. From researching the perfect lodging accommodations to procuring every vendor to the look on the participants’ faces at the end of the experience, I just absolutely live for it. 

In addition, I want to highlight the local Black and Brown owned businesses in San Nicolas, Aruba. This is a predominately Black and Brown community that has been neglected despite its amazing people and culture. By prioritizing the procurement of Black and Brown local businesses as our retreat vendors, I hope to not only highlight this community but to aid in the development of their local economy. 

I hope you help me do that by allowing me to plan your next retreat in Aruba. 

What others have to say

Bachelorette 2015 NOLA! What happens in NOLA stays in NOLA, unless you booked with Amara! Amara was sooo increíble with my bachelorette gathering. She planned and engineered such amazing experiences. Whether it was the burlesque dancing, Drag Brunch, or the detailed games for hanging out at home. Amara has great attention to detail. She is clearly great with numbers because her ability to plan payments for my friends made it accessible for everyone. My experience was phenomenal that I went on to book my Baby Shower with her as well! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Amara, her approach, and her willingness to care about brown girls in foreign places. We love you Amara. Thank you 💜.
Age 35
I would 100% recommend Amara for your travel experience. Amara organized a Bachelorette trip that I went on a few years ago and it was perfectly executed! Activities ranged from dining on authentic New Orleans cuisine every day, to participating in dance lessons! In addition to the scheduled activities, Amara also booked our lodging, a perfect house in a prime location. What was most appreciated was that Amara arranged a feasible payment plan that began months in advance, allowing all of the trip attendees to budget for the trip with ample time. I can wholly guarantee a well organized trip if you book with Amara!
Age 36
Amara has planned 2 different trips I’ve been a part of. Both were planned flawlessly. She ensures that everyone has amazing accommodations and I’m super particular about where I lay my head. She created a great payment structure for everyone attending. Most importantly, she made every single penny I spent worth it. These are two of the best group travel experiences. I’m in my 70s and an avid traveler. Amara is really good at travel planning which I told her years ago! I can only imagine how much better she is now that she’s living abroad and has experienced more of the world. I highly recommend attending any travel experience that Amara is planning because it will be stress-free and fun as hell!
Age 72
Amara helped organize and facilitate a bachelorette trip that I attended in New Orleans. She made the trip exciting and thoughtful. Amara found us the best restaurants and experiences. Not only was the trip amazing, but leading up to the event was managed great by Amara. She helped us set up a payment plan to budget and prepay for the lodging, activities and food. This made the trip so affordable and put us at ease when we arrived in Nola. Amara made sure our trip was full of culture, fun and celebration. I would definitely recommend her services!
Age 35
Amara is passionate about the countries she visits, and her love for Aruba is contagious! Always with enormous respect for the local culture, she gives us the best advice and places to see while traveling. I would highly recommend using her to plan your trip to Aruba!
Age 39
Amara is a planner as such, she takes into account her groups of travelers. There’s something for everyone on a trip she organizes or you can explore on your own if it suits you. But isn’t that the fun of her trips…a loose framework of things to do as well as tips for going it alone? And lodgings are always excellent too! Plan with Amara!
Age 73

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