Profitable planning: 5 ways to streamline your next retreat


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    Think about the last retreat you had. Wasn’t it freaking amazing!?!?!

    Think about all the connections you made with your clients. All the people who were so energized by the content you provided. 

    But you know who was not energized but exhausted? You. 

    All the logistics and planning and management of those logistics! 

    There’s so much to think about: vendor procurement, calculating all the expenses, finding accommodations, ensuring you have a profit at the end, managing your participants, marketing, and developing content for your retreat! 

    Whew, honey! It is a lot of work! 

    Is all that work delaying your next retreat? Yet you keep thinking about hosting your next in-person retreat because you know how transformational they are for your clients. 

    You know it’s about damn time already! 

    It’s just that nasty L word… Logistics. You’re just over it! 


    You know that an in-person retreat is the best way for you to share your magic with your clients. It’s also one hell of a conversion event.

    This retreat could sell out your signature course or coaching services. In addition, it will help you engage your current clients in a new way! Or go back to what worked previously! 

    But how do you get around all the logistics? Is there an easier way? A way that energizes vs. depletes? A way that is clear, and concise to get me to my bottom line quicker? 

    Of course, there is! It’s all about structure! 

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    During this live webinar, you will learn:

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